Association Governance Summit

4 June 2019 | SMC Conference & Function Centre Sydney



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Tue 4 June 2019


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Welcome to the Association Governance Summit

Summit Chair: 

John Peacock, Chief Executive Officer, Associations Forum


Welcome from Venue Partner

SMC Conference & Function Centre


The Importance of Being Legal and Proper

Having a solid understanding of good governance is the cornerstone of success for any organisation, especially understanding the importance of ensuring your governance is legal and proper. Barrister Richard Gration will discuss:

  • Application to associations of legal principles derived from the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the common law
  • Who do you think might take legal action against the association?
  • Penalty notices and criminal proceedings for contraventions of governance requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW)

Richard Gration, Barrister, Selborne Chambers


Improving Outcomes Through Innovation - What Does It Take?

Have you told your association leaders and teams to build a culture of innovation, think creatively and improve the outcomes for clients and customers? If you have, then you need to know what you are really asking people to think, say and do!

Research into the field of innovation is flourishing. It's exciting and shows that people need to take more risks, think differently about problems, work less in silos and more collaboratively. It suggests that the Board and leadership team need to create and nuture an intentional culture that is open to learning and change. This means thinking and behaving innovatively in the Boardroom first and foremost.

Dr Knight will share a few ways Boards and leaders can influence workplace culture and promote more innovation throughout the organisation.

Ruth Knight, Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies


Round Table Discussions

Every association has a different purpose, yet many governance issues are common. During this session, delegates will interact with peers and be invited to share governance issues and challenges they have faced.

Facilitated by Associations Forum


Morning Tea


Governance Case Study Exercise

Facilitated by Keith Roberts, Consultant, Associations Forum


Governance Observations from Experienced CEOs and Chairs

In this panel, those who have worked with associations over many years will give their viewpoints on governance matters. Topics will include:

  • Board size, meeting frequency and content, and paperwork
  • Clarity between respective roles of Chair/Board and CEO/management
  • Dealing with micromanaging directors

Jenine Bradburn, President, Australian Dental Prosthetists Association
Julian Ledger, Chief Executive Officer, YHA Australia




Tips for Reviewing Your Constitution

Reviewing constitutions is an important every-few-years activity for associations. This session will discuss common constitutional issues and areas to focus on such as membership structure, board composition and objects.

Adrian Hart, Manager - Client Services, Associations Forum


Strategy and Internal Governance

As an experienced CEO, Megan Motto has an intimate understanding of what is required for an association to successfully implement a strategy and an internal governance structure. Megan will illustrate some key processes that every association should understand, including:

  • Connecting strategy
  • Internal protocols
  • Procedures & paperwork
  • Duty of care
  • Management dynamics

Megan Motto, Chief Executive Officer, Governance Institute of Australia


Practical Tips for Association Boards

Associations Forum has worked extensively in the field of governance over the last 15 years, especially with association Boards. During this session, Denys Correll will highlight the key concepts that Associations Forum considers essential, based upon its consultants' significant practical experience and keen observations.

Denys Correll, Manager - Client Services, Associations Forum


Afternoon Tea


Technological Impact of Good Corporate Governance

Corporate governance for all organisations is critical, however the role of technology has changed significantly for corporates and not-for-profits over the years. 

This session will examine how technology can help Boards be more effective and efficient in grappling with governance and operation issues that arise from running large organisations. Included will be a look at the impact and use of board papers, social media and collaborative tools.

There will be opportunities for questions and discussions on learning management tools and security, as well as the new developments in information governance (complying with GDPR to keeping corporate records for ACNS purposes).

Professor Michael Adams, Head of School - School of Law, University of New England


Directions and Trends

Whilst association governance has improved in recent years, more changes and initiatives are coming. This session will look at hot topics, advances and trends in association governance including:

  • Non-member directors and paying directors
  • Board performance, standards of behaviour and bullying
  • Nomination Committees and due diligence on both directors and entities
  • Having a 'culture' established within the Board and organisation
  • Next steps for implementation of learnings from the Association Governance Summit 2019

Facilitated by Associations Forum


End of Summit